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    2. NEWS & EVENTS

      Association Office

      CSC Okanagan Chapter Organizing Event

      September 20, 2022

      September 20, 2022 | By Association Office

      Join us for appetizers and refreshments (sh bar) to hear our plans to build a newchapter for the Okanagan regionWhere: Kelowna Yacht Club - 1370 Wat...

      Association Office

      New CCDC 24-2022 - A Guide to Model Forms and Support Documents - Now Available!

      Get Your Copy Today!

      July 15, 2022 | By Administrator

      The nadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) has released an update to the CCDC 24 ‘A Guide to Model Forms and Support Docume...

      Association Office

      Introducing the 2022 College of Fellows Inductees

      April 12, 2022 | By Administrator

      Investiture into the CSC College of Fellows honours a member's achievements and contributions to the profession and the association. The College of Fe...

      Association Office

      CSC Votes 2022: Abigail MacEachern Elected 4th Vice President

      April 11, 2022 | By Administrator

       Abigail MacEachern, RSW, Architect, LEED AP, CDT is a registered architect with over 25 years of experience in design, ademia, contracting and...

      Association Office

      New! Latest Editions of the National Model Codes

      Now Available!

      March 29, 2022 | By Administrator

      As of March 28, 2022, code users n access the latest, updated editions of the National Model Codes, including the National Building Code of nada 2...


      Registered Specifition Writer

      • Pinnacle of construction specifier's growth.
      • RSW conducts themselves in fair and ethil manner.
      • Professional who n help keep practices competitive.
      • Governed by a Code of Conduct

      Certified Construction Contract Administrator

      • Testament to individual's knowledge of recommended practices for .
      • Expertise to fairly enforce the conditions of the contract.
      • Commitment to provide integrity and unbiased client representation.
      • Conducts themselves in an ethil manner in accordance with the CSC Code of Conduct.

      Certified Technil Representative

      • Provides assurance to the design community that the individual has necessary knowledge to be a crucial contributor to the project team.
      • CTRs ensure independent and objective adherence to highest quality standards.
      • CTRs understand specifitions and contractual elements.

      I am CSC - Benefits of CSC Membership

      • reer growth.
      • Networking and business development opportunities.
      • Foster collaboration among industry participants.
      • Current professional development and edution.